Strive Programme

Empowering individuals towards creating an exemplary Muslim community. For 16+ young people that have left secondary school


About the Programme

Following on from the success of the ‘STEPS’ programme for young people, Faith Inspire brings you ‘STRIVE’.

The programme consists of a series of workshops set to ignite and inspire change-makers through a faith-based approach to community activism and spirituality.

The Curriculum

Experienced professionals and activists have worked together to develop the Faith Inspire Leadership model that is built on quintessential Islamic vision, values, qualities and action. This programme seeks to empower individuals to navigate this model and the units within it, culminating a more well-rounded individual with a better understanding of various leadership models driven by the Quran and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).



Individuals joining the programme will look to build on their confidence and further develop their skills, whilst learning new ones. Activities and engagement will vary from public speaking to finding new and innovative solutions to complex issues. The need to attend regular sessions is crucial to fully benefit from the course as a whole. A leadership residential trip away will help foster all those all-important teamworking skills, and strategies when faced with challenges. This programme is another door of opportunity for individuals to build on their character and any future projects they have in mind, and in turn, building that much needed resilience through life’s obstacles.


The Service

Delivery will consist of a vast amount of facilitators and guest speakers with experience in youth and community work, including contributions from specialists in their respective fields. Guest speakers range from Imams to CEOs, all adding their own unique perspective to the workshops. Excursions will be organised to get a feel and understanding of concepts that have been covered in sessions, and the application of it to real-life settings.

Recognising the achievement of all representatives with awards will be presented at the end of the programme. This will be a celebration involving friends, family and the wider community on striving throughout the course and successfully completing the ‘Strive’ programme with Faith Inspire.


The £150 fee what will it cover and why?

The cost of the programme is £250+. However, part of the funds will be subsidised by Faith Inspire, from members’ contribution, Launch Good’s Ramadan Campaign and also those raised by the previous Steps cohort.

The £150 will cover the following:

  • October-July programme
  • Refreshments
  • Faith inspire Notebook and ‘Welcome Pack’
  • Classroom and venue hire
  • Transport to fundraising challenge and refreshments
  • The three-day residential cost that includes:
    • Transports from London to venue
    • Accommodation (room share)
    • Three meals a day
    • Activity centre cost, such as archery, high ropes and more
  • Celebration dinner

There will be opportunities to purchase Faith Inspire branded hoodies and T-shirts on the programme.

When registering at the Eventbrite link, you have an option to pay the full £200 or £50 a initial payment, with the reminder to be paid in full by the start of the first session.

For those that are struggling to make the full or partial payment, we ask you to write to us via email for committee consideration for discount; this will be discussed case by case and we will provide subsidies if required. The committee decision is final, due to limited funds.


The session will take place at


116B Bow Road

London E3 3AA

Nearest station: Bow Church DLR and Bow Road Underground

The location has been selected for ease of public transport, car drop off and central to the area. The venue has good facilities including space for prayers and group work.

Course Details

A 10-month programme comprising 2 hour sessions each starting on 12th October 2022.

In person in the cafe, and external venues.

Open to all young people aged between 16 and 21 years old (Male and female)

Starts: Wednesday 12th October 2022 and finishes in July 2023

Time: 5.30am – 7.30pm on Wednesdays, fortnightly with half-term breaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we apply for a discount for 2 or more siblings?

The programme has been heavily subsidised, due to activities and residential away. Hence, it will not be possible to offer any further discount for additional siblings.

However, further subsidies can be offered to those unable to afford the full price. We welcome you to email us at and we will review each case on its merit.

Is there segregation in the classroom?

There is no physical barrier segregating the males and females in the classrooms, although they will be seated separately. The expectation will be upon the students to learn and develop the required Islamic etiquette when interacting and engaging with the opposite gender, as they would do in other areas of higher education or college. The course aims to instil the values of modesty, good Islamic manners in this regard. Our facilitators and people of knowledge will be leading each of the sessions so they will ensure males and females abide by Islamic rules.

During the residential, each gender will have their own dormitory and any physical activity will only be with their respective gender, to enable greater participation of physical activity. More details will be provided closer to the time of the residential.

Are the sessions held during school half-term breaks?

To ensure individuals have a break that coincides with the academic calendar, sessions will not be held during half-term breaks, allowing students to attend to other commitments.

We will be following the Tower Hamlets academic calendar and university term dates to avoid any clashes.

When will the excursions and trips take place and will Faith Inspire cover transport and lunch?

All activity sessions, excursions and trips will be covered by Faith Inspire, and we aim to notify individuals via email with at least two weeks advance notice.

We will ensure risk assessments are carried out, and trained facilitators manage the travel and food.

Can I join the programme if I have an allergy?

Please let us know via email of any allergies or medical conditions. We will try our best to accommodate the students’ needs. If however, we are unable to, we will be in touch.

I have special educational needs (SEN) and require support?

If you require SEN support, please contact us and we will let you know if we are in the position to cater to your specific needs.

I no longer wish to participate in the programme, how should this be managed?

Please inform Faith Inspire at your earliest convenience, and we would be happy to discuss what we can do to facilitate your needs.

Further suggestions are always welcome as are any enquiries related to the events.