At Faith Inspire we have an ambitious vision for ‘an exemplary Muslim community in Britain that contributes to a society where all people flourish‘.

Our path is challenging but yet very rewarding. When you help to create change and inspire people around you in your own little ways, you’ll be contributing to a bigger change.

Our Change Makers programme aims to develop, inspire and empower individuals to be active contributors and change makers in society.  It provides individuals with opportunities for community service, youth leadership, interfaith initiatives, and civic engagement.

Volunteers and Members have the opportunity to go though our 6 months change makers programme. This will cover general self-development topics, but also include core Islamic topics and characteristics of becoming a motivated and skilled Change Maker.

Look out for our future Change Maker Programme dates, grab it while you can. It’s a golden opportunity to get quality personal development.

To register your interest in joining one of our Change Makers programme, please complete the following form: