Alhamdulilah we like to think that Redbridge Hub is a very active project of FI. Over the past few years we have manage to develop and deliver several programmes focused at various audience ranging from the very youngest to the very elderly of our population.

The key strand of work we have been focusing on are:

  • Pop up kitchen/soup kitchen, delivering essentials to the most vulnerable in our community

  • Play Street, this is a neighborhood supported active which RH actively gets involved in helping local streets to organise and bring their neighbours together.

  • Game on Event, focusing on getting the redbridge families together to socialise and network by ways of performing fund, educational tasks/active together with their own families and others.

  • Knowledge Hub, this is a very new initiative of the RH, geared towards getting families together in one place where they can learn and thrive on the personal developments whilst their children are looked after in a safe and fun filled manner.

We are also hoping to develop a scouts group in the near future to give our young people in the borough a wide range of skills and experience.