The Southwark hub has been running for four years with local brothers contributing in different areas. We have been concentrating on various areas such as: 

  • Family and social events – this has involved taking part in a trip to box hill and possibly other areas in London to engage the family. The social aspect was achieved by networking with local brs in the community through the Tea and Talk event using tools like Zoom. 

  • The Knowledge Hub which is a regular class on Saturday provides local brothers in the community for a chance to study aspects of Quran, Hadith, Fiqh as well as knowing more about Seerah and Islamic history.

  • Youth – Early March 2020, youngsters in the local community took part in a brainstorming session which was well received. The aim of the session was to engage and encourage muslim youth in the community to discuss what issues would be important to them.

  • Southwark Outreach Appeal – This involved local brothers engaging the masjid in the area to help homeless shelters by encouraging the musaills to be aware and get involved on this growing problem.