Celebrating the lives of young Muslims and their success is crucial in the current climate of negative perceptions of Muslims and the rise of Islamophobia. By focusing on young Muslims under the age of 25 from the UK, we are keen to highlight the tremendous achievements and successes of the wider community.

At Faith Inspire, our vision is to see an exemplary Muslim community in Britain that contributes to a society where all people flourish. As part of their journey, we ask the young people of one of our flagship projects, a Muslim youth development programme ‘Strive’, to lead this award ceremony.

We received nominations over 6 weeks from across the country to bring forth success stories and highlight the achievements young Muslims have made in the past year.

The categories are inspired by the individuals from the golden generation of Islam, who have provided us with inspiration and guidance. As Muslims, we are inspired by their values, character, and resilience, and pray we can work towards being role models in today’s society.

Thank you to the sponsors and members of Faith Inspire for helping to make this annual award a reality.

Excellence in Faith awards inspired by Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RA)

In this category we look at individuals who have excelled in Islamic fields of study, outperforming expectations and utilising that knowledge for the benefit of the Ummah. These awards are inspired by Umar Ibn Al Khattab (RA), who was a commander of the faithful, known for his stance on justice and a leader who instilled faith in others and led by example and said:

“He who does not live in the way of his beliefs starts to believe in the way he lives.”

Hafidh of the year

This award is to recognise a hafidh who has memorised the book of Allah, and have started to/ or led prayers in congregation. They’ve contributed to the community and may have overcome adversity or performed outstandingly to achieve this accomplishment


This award is to recognise a hafidha who has memorised the book of Allah and has contributed to the community. They may have overcome adversity or performed outstandingly to achieve this accomplishment.


This award is to recognise a young Alim/Alim, or young Ustadh/Ustadh who has completed their alim course and is now in the community serving and providing a service to their congregation. They may have helped a great number of students go on to achieve their own success or they may be delivering sessions and activities for the benefit of their communities

Accomplishment in sports and recreation awards inspired by Ali Ibn Talib (RA)

In this category we look at individuals who recognise and value the importance of healthy lives for Muslims, either by earning accomplishments and awards or facilitating relevant activities for people in their communities. These are inspired by Ali Ibn Talib (RA), whose strength and bravery, even in his youth earned him great renown, as he was strong not just in his faith, but strong also in his physicality, and he said:

“Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.”


A person who has excelled in their given sport, showing passion and dedication, excelling in their field.


A person dedicated to the sports, led a team through challenges and continued to bring success despite the odds. They may also have brought recognition to their sport or created opportunities where none previously existed


A person who has excelled in their given sport, showing passion and dedication, excelling in their field

Service to society awards inspired by Abu Bakr As Siddiq (RA)

In this category we look at individuals who have taken the responsibility of uplifting their community upon themselves, sharing their knowledge and skills with others to create a flourishing and thriving community of their own. These are inspired by Abu Bakr As Siddiq (RA), whose service to others is legendary, be it with charity or helping others in need, a truly remarkable change maker, and he said:

“O man, you are busy working for the world, and the world is busy trying to turn you out.”


A young person who is dedicated and driven to make the most of the Scouts programme. They may be the most consistent participant or done something to earn special recognition.


An individual that has built strong rapport with their young people, and provided the right support with a balanced understanding and positive mindset.


An individual leading on campaigns, ranging from social justice to climate change, and punching through the barriers for a better future. They may have shown extreme resilience, or kickstarted a movement of their own making.

Celebrating entrepreneurship awards inspired by Uthman Ibn Affan (RA)

In this category we look at young people who have adopted the long-held qualities of great Muslims and taken advantage of business opportunities that have presented themselves. These are inspired by Uthman Ibn Affan (RA) whose generosity had no bounds, his business acumen made him one of the wealthiest companions of the time, whilst always holding onto faith, guided by principles, and he said:

“You will not be conscious of the reality of faith till love for Allah is held dearer than the passion to acquire wealth.”


An individual or group of people who have set up a business that is thriving and serving their local community. Founded on Islamic principles or run by young Muslims, the business of the year will be a business that is built on Islamic values.


This individual has set their own business that has flourished and regardless of the challenges is working towards their goals. The entrepreneur may be in the initial stages of their journey with a clear, impressive concept, or they may be a well established business-person with success under their belt

Academic achievement awards inspired by Mother Aisha (RA)

In this category we celebrate the most accomplished academic achievements of the young people. They’re inspired by our mother Aisha (RA) who was excellent in her conduct and her manner, narrated more hadiths of the Prophet (SAW) than any of the companions, and was amongst the greatest teachers and scholars of her time, and she said:

“The actions which the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, loved most, were those which were done most constantly.”

Student of the year

Celebrating the GCSE and A level students who have persevered through their studies in achieving distinctions whilst contributing to wider society or overcoming challenges and barriers

Apprentice of the year

An apprentice who has committed to the values of the organisation and has delivered on their role and gone beyond it to provide excellent service to the business and their personal growth.

The Judges

Our judges assessed each category against the selection criteria and selected a short-list of 3  for each category – from which the winners were announced at the awards ceremony.

For 2024, our judges included:

Junaid Ahmed

Junaid Ahmed is currently the CEO of the East London Mosque & the London Muslim Centre. He holds an Executive MBA (Masters) and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). 

In 2009, Junaid co-founded Murabbi Consulting, a management consultancy firm, serving a wide range of clients globally. The focus of his work has been on Organisational Strategy, Change Management, People & Culture, and Leadership Development. As a management consultant, Junaid has worked with many of UK’s leading not-for-profit and faith-based organisations.   

An Adair Accredited (ACL) leadership expert, Junaid has led in the design and delivery of numerous management transformation programmes to a range of clients in the UK and abroad, including in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Jordan, Sweden and Malaysia.  

On a voluntary capacity, Junaid has been actively involved within the UK Muslim community for over two decades, serving in the leadership of several faith-based and grass-roots organisations.

Aliyah Umm Raiyaan

Aliyah Umm Raiyaan converted to Islam 25 years ago and has been involved in UK dawah for over 20 years. In 2010, she founded Solace UK, a registered charity that helps women who have converted to Islam and find themselves in difficulty.

In 2019 she launched a YouTube show called Honest Tea Talk which brought unscripted conversations to the table about raw unspoken topics related to the Muslim community. She continues to devote her time to helping women achieve their full potential whilst emphasising the importance of developing a personal and close relationship with Allah.
In 2022, she was approached by the publisher Penguin to write and publish a book. The book, Ramadan Reflections, was published in March 2023 and became a Sunday Times Bestseller. Penguin recently published her second book, The Power of Du’a, which Mufti Menk said was ‘Empowering…of great benefit to those who wish to have their doors flung open by Allah.’ Aliyah recently became a TEDx speaker where she spoke about The power of your pain. She lives in East London where she home- educates her youngest children.

Zara Mohammed

Zara Mohammed is a masters graduate in Human Rights Law and a Training and
Development Consultant.

She was elected the first female, first Scot and youngest Secretary-General of the
Muslim Council of Britain in February 2021.

She is passionate about community change,
empowering young people, and improving diversity and inclusion both within her
communities and beyond.
Since her election Zara has spoken on key issues impacting British Muslims across
mainstream media and publications, she was a key note speaker at the G20 interfaith
summit and was featured in Vogue’s 25 most influential women in the UK.

Naiym Ahmed

Nayim is the founder and director of an independent consultancy Nayim has worked professionally within sport & community for over a decade. Having served as a member of The FA Council and Director at Wembley National Stadium Trust, Nayim is passionate about delivering meaningful opportunities for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Nayim is currently leading on the FA Workforce & Volunteering Game Plan in London & Middlesex

The Finalists


Alhamdulilah, we received an incredible 233 nominations! Highlighting the amazing contributions young Muslims are making from all walks of life and how all of them are working towards our vision of seeing an exemplary Muslim community in Britain that contributes to a society where all people flourish.

The judges had to make some difficult decisions but alhamdulillah they selected the finalists from each of the categories. The finalists were all contacted via email directly, or through their nominator.

Thank you to all those who submitted a nomination and for those that didn’t make the shortlist please continue your amazing service and work in the community. We hope to see these individuals nominated at the 2025 Faith Inspire Young Muslim Awards

The winners were announced at the Award Ceremony on the evening of Saturday 20 April. We invited all the finalists and their guests, our judges, our sponsors , and key figures from the community to join us in celebrating the reveal of our winners

Sportsman of the Year

Samirul Muhit – Winner

Muaadh Syed

Jibraeel Chenia


Sportswoman of the Year

Safiyyah Mannan – Winner

Amina Soliman

Ayah Khadijah Hussain


Sports Ambassador of the Year

Ismail Islam – Winner

Zeeshan Khan

Muaadh Syed


Hafidha of the Year

Hana Rizmi – Winner

Madinah Ahmedjee

Zeinab Jeilani


Hafidh of the Year

Benyamin Qasim – Winner

Abdullah hanook

Safwaan Ahmed


Alim/Alimah & Ustadh/Ustadha of the Year

Ifrah Shafiq – Winner

Fatuun Osman

Zeeshan Ibrahim


Business of the Year

Fahimul Islam & Jahedul Islam – Winner

Mohammad Rumman Sufian

Kawsar Hussain


Entrepreneur of the Year

Seher Rahman – Winner

Hawwa Tanvir

Uzair Limbada


Apprentice of the Year

Abresham Al-Azad – Winner

Zeeshan Ibrahim

Muhammad Tahmid Ali


Student of the Year

Muhammad Taha Tariq – Winner

Farah Nazef

Ammara Haider


Scout of the Year

Hanifah Bint Mohamed – Winner

Muhammad Yusuf Khokhar

Khadeejah Tailor


Activist of the Year

Nazmul Hasan – Winner

Zahraa Syeda

Mujtaba Ahmad


Youth Worker of the Year

Safah Khan – Winner

Radhia Ali

Rawaha Aftab

Our Sponsors

The Faith Inspire Young Muslim Awards would not have been made possible without the support of our sponsors:

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