Our values are deeply rooted in our Islamic identity, these expand on our Mission and help us define our priorities. The Mission, Vision and Values help define the character of our organisation.


An exemplary Muslim community in Britain that contributes to a society where all people flourish.


To develop and empower individuals to contribute to society through the principles of Quranic Vision Values.

Quranic Vision Values

As the primary source of guidance for Muslims, the Quran mentions a number of purposes, roles and characteristics related to both the individual and the community:

  1. Faith (Iman)
  2. Servitude to Allah (Ubudiya)
  3. Life as a test (Ibtila)
  4. Exemplary Community (Ummah Wasat)
  5. Promoting good, minimising harm and improving communities (Islah)
  6. Justice (Adl)

Faith-inspired priorities

We believe Islamic teachings point to these priorities for British Muslims:

  1. Cultivate spiritual and self-development
  2. Support family and marriage
  3. Develop institutions and services
  4. Contribute to society
  5. Promote an ethical and balanced lifestyle

The goals of Faith Inspire

Based on our understanding of faith priorities, Faith Inspire has set the following as our goals:

  1. Promoting a balanced understanding of Islam
  2. Developing volunteers and leaders
  3. Providing social hubs for the family
  4. Developing institutions and services that advance mutual understanding and dialogue
  5. Work for the common good and contributing positively to society